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Custom Golf Stix was created and developed by award-winning club maker Kevin Redfern, who for the last 25 years has been the trusted advisor to amateur and professional golfers alike including the late Seve Ballesteros, Fred Couples, Ian Woosnam, Sandy Lyle, Matt Wallace, Suzann Pettersen, Gary Clark and many more.

Using a methodical and simple approach to all aspects of your golf, Kevin initially discuss your own thoughts on areas of your game you may be struggling with.

Kevin finds it’s often the case that you don’t actually NEED a new set of clubs, a new putter or a swing change. In fact it’s his approach to the basics that has been part of his global success.

Ian Woosnam

Kevin Redfern
WGTF Level 3 Golf Coach and Master Clubmaker

I have been supporting the European Tour (StaySure Tour) for a number of years now
as ‘European Tour Clubmaker and Technical Advisor’.

Staysure Tour


Swing Analysis

I have been fitting golfers for golf clubs for over 30 years and have coupled that unparalleled experience with cutting edge equipment to ensure the products I supply are right for the individual.

I start by analyzing the golfers swing whether it is someone just starting out in golf or a professional player and with my experience of club fitting and coaching I am able to begin to define which of various components will be best suited to that golfers swing.

I hold a W.G.T.F. coaching diploma which helps in the assessment of the golf swing and quite often it is the clubs that need adjusting to the swing because the swing is fundamentally sound.  A good swinger of the club will struggle to make the right contact with the ball if the clubs he is using are incorrectly set up or are just an incorrect specification for his swing.

I wont just rely on my eyes to assess the swing, I will also use a top of the range launch monitor to measure the flight and direction of the ball as well as more simple tests to measure the clubface angle and clubhead interaction with the ground.  In terms of the golf swing, I can analyse with the benefit slow motion swing sequences recorded on film to check the specific areas which impact the resulting flight of the golf ball and will show the individual aspects which can be improved.  I can take this review and analysis and use when custom fitting the golfers clubs.

Custom Fit

Custom fitting is undertaken by first analysing the golfers swing and any specific individual physical aspects which need to be taken into account i.e. a tall person has different attributes to a short person as does a strong person or someone who is particularly supple.

I will ask the golfer to hit a number of shots whilst I watch their swing, use the launch monitor and takes measurements of how their club is reacting to the ground and to the ball.  I then convert this data into information which supports the choice of equipment and the component parts.  This includes such reference points as loft and lie of the club, club face angle, swing weights, shaft flex, kick points and grip size requirements.  All areas are considered as all can have an effect on the type of shot the client will hit and even the smallest adjustment can make a big difference.

A lot of custom fitting beyond the technical side will also involve “how it feels” to the golfer which is an important area as good feel promotes goof confidence and in turn good golf shots.  The golfer has to have confidence in any changes that are proposed and that confidence comes from “feel” and hitting good shots.


30+ years of clubfitting and swing analysis coupled with a WGTF coaching diploma allows me to expand the service that I provide beyond custom fitting and clubmaking into coaching.

At Pinner Hill we have indoor and outdoor coaching areas and I am regularly able to make great use of these facilities for all aspect of coaching.  I coach juniors right through to quality low handicap golfers on putting, chipping and short shots, and on to the full swing.  I have particular expertise in the area of putting analysis through a full understanding of the stroke and being able to dissect the stroke, alignment, ball to face contact and consequent roll of the putt.  Having a full understanding of the swing and also the equipment options make me uniquely placed to provide quality coaching advice.

I am proud that I have been able to help many youngsters with their initial steps in the game whether through clubfitting or coaching and some of these have gone on to make a living in the professional game whilst others have just been able to enjoy the game more.


The £20 Putting Promise!

Here’s an offer you surely can’t refuse!!!

I’m SO confident that I’ll get you putting within an hour better than you’ve ever putted before, I’ll give you your £20 back. Yes, you may well need a little attention on your putter itself, but it’s often the case that you don’t.

Book your slot in by dropping me a line.



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